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Author Carolyn Berry

Carolyn Berry

Carolyn Berry was born in Dallas and is a life-long Texan. Her blended family — including four sons, one daughter and two daughters-in-law — has given her the true blessing of being called “Mom.” Her husband, Jim, is the “love of her life and the light of her night.” Jim shared his dream at Pony Creek Ranch and opened the door for Carolyn to share her love of animals. Her involvement with zoos, schools, humane societies, Operation Kindness and other organizations has given Carolyn the opportunity to experience the deep respect that can be forged between man and animal, which can make the world a better place.

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"An engaging educational story based on a love of animals that captures the essence of what compassion and kindness toward others is all about."

—Wendy Kopp
CEO and founder, Teach For America CEO and cofounder, Teach For All

A Tribute to Becca

A Tribute to Becca

The inspiration for this book came from the loving memory of Rebecca Bettis. Becca was many things—a daughter, a sister, a dear friend, and Carolyn’s niece—but her most prominent characteristic was her love of animals. In Buster Tells it All, you’ll find the extraordinary animals that Becca loved. She exuded the traits Carolyn’s mother, Evelyn Bettis, felt were so important in life: compassion, loyalty, trustworthiness, and honesty. A tragic auto accident took Becca too early, but her heart and soul live on through Pony Creek Ranch.

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