Pony Creek Ranch
About Pony Creek Ranch

Paluxy, Texas – Established 1884

Pony Creek Ranch originally engulfed 10,000 acres in 1884. In 1991, the Berry family began restoring one of the existing structures which dated back to 1884 but had remained uninhabited since 1940 and adding to the headquarters, while at the same time shrinking the ranch down to the best 1000 acres in the beautiful north Texas hill country.

With over four miles of Pony Creek running through the heart of the ranch, you can find large mammals year round grazing and enjoying their fence-free surroundings. The ranch is home to 22 species of African and Asian mammals, in addition to indigenous animals such as while tail deer and elk. These rescued or orphaned animals roam the 1000 acre ranch while living together in harmony.

When your group visits Pony Creek Ranch you’ll have the opportunity to fully experience the wildlife and scenery by hopping on the zebra bus for a Sundown Safari Cruise. Contact us to schedule your visit: carolynb591@gmail.com

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• Take I-35W and go south to the Highway 67 cut-off.

• Take Highway 67 through Cleburne on to Glen Rose.

• Turn right on FM Road 205 and go 9.5 miles to the “T” intersection.

• At the “T” take a right and go 1.5 miles (FM 205 jogs).

• Make a left turn at the next FM 205. Go 100 yards to Deep Down Ranch Road.

• Make a left turn on Deep Down Ranch Road. Go about 4 miles to the first cattle guard. Proceed another 25 yards to pony Creek Ranch.

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