Pony Creek Ranch

The Berry family invites you to experience
Pony Creek Ranch, an animal reserve located outside of Glen Rose, Texas, where animals from around the world live together as a family without fences or fear.

Animals living out in the wild
have a tough life challenged by
disease, fights with other animals
and finding food. To the rescue
comes Pony Creek Ranch!

Jack Hanna
Director Emeritus, Columbus Zoo; host of “Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild”


Pony Creek Wildlife

The Animals of Pony Creek

Pony Creek Ranch is home to 22 species of African and Asian mammals, in addition to indigenous animals such as white tail deer and elk. These rescued or orphaned animals roam the 1000 acre ranch while living together in harmony. Read More

Pont Creek Events

Pony Creek Events

The ranch offers the perfect setting for celebrations and group events. The rustic beauty of the open-air Pavilion provides comfortable seating for up to 160 guests and overlooks the pool area for expanded entertaining.
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